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Foxy - the voice of the gps

Category: Motorcycle Diary Last Updated: Wednesday, 03 August 2016 Print Email

After 3500 km I started to feel like I have a special connection with my gps. It is a woman's voice. So I gave her a name: Foxy. I'm picturing a redhead.

It is like we are into a relationship. She always tells me to go slower. Also she tells me where to go and I follow her. I am not complaining she took good care of me until now.


The only problem that I got with the gps was in London: she was trying to make me go into a wall - the road was detoured.

One day I was driving. The rain just stopped and I heard her: "Leave the next roundabout at the second exit." and then she sneezed. I was like "What the fuck!?". Then I heard her again: "You know I can hear you right? Watch your language!". I was really confused. That could not be real. But then I woke up. :)



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