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Dachau - the first Nazi concentration camp in Germany

Category: Motorcycle Diary Last Updated: Sunday, 06 November 2016 Print Email

The only thing that I wanted to do while staying in Munich, was to see Dachau - the concentration camp site.

Before getting there I decided I will not take any pictures because I want to remain only with the feelings and images that I recall from there. That is not a site seeing place. I see it as a more energetic one. You can't understand it if you are not there. You need to be there to feel it, to understand it, to realize what happened there and this can't be captured into a picture.

So I took the road there. When I entered Dachau city my first impression was: wow - this is a city like others around, nothing bad or creepy. But when I entered the concentration camp site everything changed.


Sadness and negative thoughts started to grow bigger and bigger inside my head. Everybody was barely whispering. The only things that I could hear were the wind and the birds. I think the birds were the only thing that made them happy back then if they could find the time and willingness to hear them.

Feelings that I never had before started to crawl inside my heart. I started to feel the fear that they felt. The famine that they endured. I looked at the sky and the clouds looked darker than usual. The sun was fading. Even the birds seemed a little less happier.

I recall some quote stated: Death was everywhere. Do you recall the feeling that you have when you are in a cemetery? That is what I felt there. But at a bigger level. It was more than that. There thousands of people died and suffered.

It took me about 1 day to recover from that. I told myself I will not repeat the experience no matter what. It filled me with a lot of negative energy. I felt sick for about a day. It was terrible.

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