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Berlin - the guy that lost 900 Euro and no bed to sleep in

Category: Motorcycle Diary Last Updated: Wednesday, 03 August 2016 Print Email

In this 2 months since I started my travel nothing noticeable happened. Everything went fine. No incidents or bad things. But in Berlin I was out of luck. If a bad thing could have happened then it did.

I chose to stay at a hostel, I picked the cheapest one. (Note to self: never pick again the cheapest hostel). I went there and took a bed in a 4 beds room. In the middle of the night a big russian guy comes in the room to sleep in one of the empty beds. Everything fine until the morning. When I got up the russian guy and another 2 guys were in the room talking and making noise. So I woke up and asked what happened. So the guy tells me that he lost 900 euros. He had it with him. He slept with them under the pillow and then went down to eat and when he went back he didn't found them. I taught this is it for me. The others were just looking at me and smiling. One of them was checking the door lock. And the other was just staying there.


I told him. Man nobody has entered or left the room besides you and me. I should have heard or felt something you know. I didn't took the money so you should look for them better in you luggage. He told me he already searched everything for like 3 times and they are gone. I knew I was in a bad spot there and then. But all I could do is just give him my number and told him that if he needs my help he can call. I wanted to leave the room to see the city but he wouldn't leave me. He asked me to show him my luggage maybe the money is in there. I told him all the money I have with me are like 100 euros and I unpacked everything, even my smelly underwear that was put aside for later wash. After showing him all my stuff he let me go. I went into the city to eat something because I was starving - it was like midday and I didn't eat anything. When I was back he wasn't there anymore but somehow the door broke so I couldn't get into the room. So I left again into the town.

In the evening I decided to check out the night life in Berlin. Buses and Metro are not running in Berlin between 12 and 4 AM. At least the ones that I used. So at 10 I was at the entrance of the club. But on that particular night the club opened at 12 not at 10 as it was specified on facebook. So I had 2 options: stay into town until 4 or go back home. I decided to stay until 4. I just went to a pub and grabbed a beer while I was waiting for the club to open. Then I went to the club. A very nice place to spend 5 hours. At around 4:30 I left the club to go home. Well first thing was that I took the bus in the wrong direction so I travel around Berlin for like 2 hours until I got back to the hostel. It was about 7 AM when I entered my room.

After a night of party and all day walking around Berlin all I wanted was my bed. But when I got into the room there were 4 guys sleeping in 4 beds. So I didn't have where to sleep. I got very angry and went back to the reception. Going to the reception was a long road because I don't know why every time I book a room at a hotel or hostel they give me the farthest one both on vertical and horizontal. So now I was staying at the 7th floor on the end of the hallway. So I had to crawl myself to the reception and tell the guy there I don't have where to sleep. He gave me another key to a room next to mine to go and sleep there.

I once again crawled up to the room and tried the key to the new room. And what do you think? It wasn't working. So back again to the reception. This time he came with me and opened the door with his key telling me that the door is broken but will be fixed in the morning. And I finally found a bed where to sleep.

Even if all this events happened to me in Berlin I think I'll be there again for the nightlife experience. It worth it and I would recommend you try it also.


PS. In the evening of the last day in Berlin the guy that lost his money called me to let me know he found them. They were in his luggage somehow very well hidden. He apologized for all the things he done and thanked me.

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