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Ahmed's blades

Category: Motorcycle Diary Last Updated: Thursday, 04 August 2016 Print Email

It happened in Dublin. My hair grew quite long and in the evening I needed to go out so I was looking for a place to have my hair cut.

I was walking in the neighborhood just looking for shops or whatever. And I saw a hairdresser's shop. I passed a indian looking guy that was smoking outside and was looking quite odd at first. But didn't mind him and got in.


Nobody was in and I wanted to leave when I saw the indian guy coming towards the entrance and rushing to finish his cigarette. I signaled him to take his time cause' I'll wait. After 2 minutes he got in and apologized for the delay. During this 2 minutes I was just thinking if it is safe enough to let that odd guy to play with his blades near to my throat. But I didn't leave. Waiting for him to come in, with my heart beating high.

I explained him how I want my hair cut. So he started to do it. I also wanted to wash my head after the hair cut but I dropped that idea. All I wanted was to get out of there as soon as possible. So he started to cut my hair. It was all ok until he started to prepare his razor. I told myself 'you will be lucky if you get out of here fine'.

At the end he did a pretty good job and then I left his shop happy and relieved. But I will not get into another hairdresser's shop until I get back to Romania. So expect a cave man :).

Disclaimer: I don't have anything with black or indian people, it is just I am not accustomed all the way with a black guy using a blade near to my neck.

In the evening I told this story to my friend. And he laughed at me saying: "You were at Ahmed's. That's what happened to me also when I arrived here.". So I am not the first one and hopefully not the last one to get a hair cut at Ahmed's.

Disclaimer: We don't know if the guy working there is called Ahmed, but we like calling him like this.

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