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My first motorcycle and the first 80km

Category: Motorcycle Diary Last Updated: Thursday, 04 August 2016 Print Email

I don't know how you guys are but I am always feeling nostalgic when I remember my fist motorcycle. But after 2 seconds I feel lucky to be still alive. I had 2 near to death experiences with her in my first 80 km.

My first motorcycle was: Suzuki GS450L. A chopper. Looked exactly like this one:

Image source: http://sprzedajemy.pl/na-sprzedaz-suzuki-gs-450l-nr375268

I took the drivers license for driving a motorcycle and in the next weekend I found the motorcycle on a site. It was about 400 km from my home town. I called a friend and we went there to see and buy it. My parents were against it at that time so I had to do it without letting them know. I took my car and drove to the place were the motorcycle was and then bought it. My friend drove it back home. Next morning I showed my parents the motorcycle. They weren't very happy but at least wished me safe driving and told me to take care.

The following day I just looked at it but didn't drive it because I was exhausted from the road. But the day after I took it for a drive around the block. When I felt confident I got it out on the bigger roads and then out of the town. In the same day I decided I want to go with it in the next town - the one where I was studying. So in the evening I jumped on it and drove it there. They were my fist 80 km on 2 wheels. Well... bicycle doesn't count right? :)

The road was pretty straight with a few curves but the last 6 km had some bigger curves one after another. So I was driving my motorcycle with 70-80 km per hour all smiling and happy but with fear. Almost all the time I had to drive it on the right side of the lane because there were cars trying to overtake me. The road had only 2 lanes. 1 lane in each direction. So as I was driving one car that was coming from the opposite direction did an overtake and drove like 15 cm away from me. I got scared and wanted to avoid an impact and turned the motorcycle to the right getting out of the street. I was lucky there weren't any trees in that area. Only a small mote where me and my motorcycle ended. I had to pull it for like 20 minutes to get it out of there but I was not injured and the motorcycle was still working so I continued my drive. Not before filling the driver's refrigerator with meat :D.

While approaching the destination I got a little more confident in me and my new motorcycle so I started doing overtakes and man it was fun. But one of the overtakes that I did was while I was going down the hill and after I finished the overtake the road turned left very quickly. I was driving with about 80 km/h and couldn't handle it very well. Also I didn't know how to lean properly so I hit the ledge of the road and then got up on the ledge and drove 100m on it. I was scared as shit at that time, because the ledge was pretty high, like 20cm. I taught I will fall but the bike was pretty stable so I didn't. Cars were coming from behind and from the other way so if I would have fallen there I don't know what would have happened.

When I got to the destination I told myself: You need to find out how to do it better. Be more cautious and never drive on the right side of the lane. And since then I didn't have any accidents while driving. Of course I had some small incidents at low speed or while standing, like dropping the bike to it's side but nothing very serious. I will talk about one of the incidents in a later post. 

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