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The day that I felt like I was leaving my cave for the first time

Category: Motorcycle Diary Last Updated: Tuesday, 06 December 2016 Print Email

England - London - around 10 o'clock. In Croydon - Thorton Heath.

First of all I couldn't pronounce "Thorton Heath". It never came fluent and never was easy for me. I remember asking a guy what train to take to Thorton Heath like 5 or 6 time. I was like: OK let me write it on my phone. Because he couldn't get it. After seeing it he also pronounced it. And man... it sounded like it was a different word.

That was painful, like I couldn't make it in England! I was so ashamed.

But that doesn't compare with buying bananas.


As I was telling you I was in Croydon - Thorton Heath at the market. They have this shops with fruits and vegetables stalls in front. So I wanted to buy some bananas to eat them while I am wondering around the city. So I saw this big bananas. Like the ones in the image.

Image Source

I saw them so I took like 4 of them. I told myself this should be enough for today. When I got to the counter the guy looks at me and tells me they are 6 pounds. I looked at him thinking...man they are expensive...Started to look for the money. Meanwhile he asked me: Are you going to cook them? And I was like: Noo, just eat them you know. Then he smiled and told me they are not bananas. They need to be cooked. I was stupefied. My face turned red. I became smaller than I am. And I am not a big guy. I didn't know what to do. Couldn't look at the guy. Just didn't bought them and thanked the guy for the tip while walking (more like running) out of the shop.

The vegetables were called: Plantains and in the Image Source link there is a cooking recipe. They are like once and a half longer than normal bananas and a lot thicker. Also they have rough edges.

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