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Roads of Europe

Category: Motorcycle Diary Last Updated: Monday, 30 January 2017 Print Email

Driving on the highway is like sex with a condom. Both get you to the end safely, but without any pleasure.

Highways in Europe are a no-no for the one that wants to enjoy sites while driving. If you want to enjoy your ride you should take the side roads and avoid highways. Even if you will not be able to cover as much distance as on highway.

The majority of my trips were done on highways, but this is going to change this year. I will not use highways anymore. This is why I can't recommend all the roads that I took. Most of them were boring and didn't bring anything interesting.


The ones that I can recommend are the next ones.

1. Alps - Gratz (Austria) to Munich (Germany) with a small detour to Grossglockner Glacier.

Most of it is in the mountains. It is a nice drive. It is recommended having winter and rain equipment with you. The road will get you at about 2.500 meters above the sea level. During the summer the temperatures will get to maximum 5ºC. So, you need to be prepared.


2. Wales(England) – Chirk(England) to Holyhead(England).

This road will take you through the beautiful countrysides of Wales. I really enjoyed this road. All the road I was driving slowly just to enjoy the views. It took me way longer that it was planned, but it worth it. If you have the opportunity to drive through Wales don't hesitate.


3. Zurich(Switzerland) to Lyon(France).

This road has a lot of tunnels, bridges and curves. It made me think about: Need for Speed.

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