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Tresor or where can I party in Berlin

Category: Motorcycle Diary Last Updated: Thursday, 20 April 2017 Print Email

Tresor Berlin

I am not into techno. Or at least I wasn't until last summer. Techno for me is Tresor, Berlin. It is the only experience I have in a club like this and I really liked it. Loud music, nice people, good beer and lots of fog and fun. Dark places for doing mysterious things. Lounges.

Last summer I've been in Berlin for three days. On the first day I've visited the city. It was very hot and hard to walk into the sun. I've seen some things. I've learned some history. All in all very nice. However, I think three days it is not enough to see a city like Berlin. Maybe one week is enough. Well ... the three days became two days, in the end because one night I decided to party hard or die trying.


I took my phone and looked for the most popular clubs in Berlin. This is how I found Tresor. It was opened that night. I think it was a Wednesday. I took a shower and ate nothing. Just jumped into a bus and went there to find out it will open at midnight and nobody is going in before that time. I looked around ... at around 23 there was nobody at the gates besides me and the guardian. I asked him if there will be more people after opening and he told me sure ... usually around 500 per night. I looked for a place to put something in my belly. I found a bar close by where I sipped two pints of beer. After that I went beck to Tresor and waited for its opening.

When I came back a long line was formed at the entrance. I think at least 100 people were at the gates waiting. While waiting I started to chat with some of them and found out the gate keepers are usually picky and if you are very lucky you are not allowed to go in.

After half an hour I was inside. I can recall right now the feeling of fear mixed with curiosity that I had in the first place. Alone in that club. Dark long corridors. Smelling like mold mixed with smoke. Loud fast-paced music. At first I decided to walk around and discover. Make a mental map. I found out there were two rooms where DJs were mixing. I remember going towards the first one. The music was becoming louder and louder and I was thinking it is like the hell has opened here and the noise is coming from there. After a while I started to enjoy it. Soon I felt very comfortable there. Nobody was caring about nobody. Everybody was having fun. It was crazy!

Tresor party techno

After one hour the place was full. Two levels of an old heating plant full of people. Was crazy. Lots of loud music. Lots of beers and vodka shots. Around 5 AM I decided I need to sleep. Well I was unable to move, dance or speak so I had to go back home.

After this experience, I really want to go back there, just for another one. I really liked it. I spoke with others about it and I found out that for example there are some clubs in Berlin that are opened from Friday until Monday ... the whole time. I would like to try such an experience. I don't know if it is for real or was made up. I have to find out.

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