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Graz - the good and the bad

Category: Motorcycle Diary Last Updated: Wednesday, 03 August 2016 Print Email

City: Graz

Country: Austria

Time to read: 5 minutes

Graz is known to be a "university town" so here are lots of students. Also it is the second largest city of Austria after Vienna. But if you want to know more of this stuff you can find it on the Internet.

I will try to present it from my eyes, speaking about the things that I experienced.

 The Bad:

  • only a few persons that I met knew English. The younger the better. :)
  • beer is expensive, at least in bars and in comparison with the prices in Romania. I think the price is somewhere near to the rest of the countries in Europe.


The Good:

  • While walking I saw 2 girls running on the street. One of them dropped their jacket and left it there. I picked it up and shouted but they did not respond so I followed them. After a few minutes they returned where the jacked dropped. When they were back I  returned it to them. So they knew they lost it but didn't mind. If it wasn't me they would have left it on the road for some minutes. This makes me feel safe.
  • Bicycles are not locked to poles all the time. They are left just like that on the street. Some of them have the wheel locked, but not all. This is good because it makes me feel safe.
  • You can find people from all over the world. While walking down the rods of Graz I could hear a lot of languages.
  • Lots of bicycles all over the place. All roads I've seen had bicycle trails. Lot's of people are running a bike. Few cars on the streets.
  • Motorcycle parking is FREE if you leave it on the bike parking zone. And I score! :)


The Final Taught:

Graz is a nice city to stay in. It is clean and not very noisy. People are friendly.  I have a strange feeling about Graz: I feel like I'm in my home town Iasi, Romania. I don't know why. I feel safe and at home, maybe. Oh well... I feel safer in Graz than in Romania, but still.

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